• BR=britons BY=byzantines CE=celts CH=chinese GO=goths FR=franks JA=japanese MO=mongols PE=persians SA=saracen TE=teutons TU=turks VI=vikings
  • Card Symbols

  • W=wood F=food G=gold S=stone R=research B=builders/villagers HP=health points AP=attack points RA=range attack GA=garrison
  • Card Rarity

  • C=common U=uncommon R=rare UR=ultra rare ST=starter only
  • The Four Ages

    Dark Age (I) • Starting Age
    Feudal Age (II) • Resources/Research=10F, 1R
      Requirements=Must have 2 Dark Age buildings
    Castle Age (III) • Resources/Research=12F, 6G, 2R
      Requirements=Must have 2 Feudal Age buildings
    Imperial Age (IV) • Resources/Research=15F, 12G, 2R
      Requirements=Must have 2 Castle Age buildings or a Castle

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