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Construc= ted Deck Tournament Rules

For Age = of Empires CCG


= 1)      = Must have a complete Deck list, specifying cards & how many (e.g., House x4)= and listed BY AGE.

= 2)      = Must meet rules requirements for card limits and all other appropriate rules.

= 3)      = Sleeves may be used for your deck.  Yo= u must use the same color sleeve on all cards for each Age, but each Age may have different colored sleeves (for ease in sorting for next game).

= 4)      = You must provide the means to keep track of your villagers, tokens & resour= ces in a clear-cut manner.  Dice, = glass beads, poker chips, pen & paper, etc. may all be used.

= 5)      = In case of a misplay, attempt to resolve it in a fair-as-possible manner.  If you are unsure or unclear how to resolve it, or cannot agree on how to resolve it, call the tournament direc= tor immediately.  The tournament director's decision is final in all cases.

= 6)      = If you are caught deliberately cheating or are found to have an illegal deck, marked cards, or anything deemed improper by the tournament director or officials, you will be penalized.  This is at sole discretion of the tournament director and may include (up to) loss of card(s), turn, forfeiture of game and/or tournament.  There is no appeal. The tournament director's decision is final in all cases.

= 7)      = Time limit for constructed tournament is 1 hour & 45 minutes.  At that time the tournament direct= or will call 'time'.  Whoever is = the active player will finish their turn.  The other player may also get one additional turn if the active play= er (whose turn ended when time was called) started the game first and if eithe= r, both players are in the same Age, or, the active player is in a more advanc= ed Age.

= 8)      = During the game players should use the Scenario Points sheet (located at www.journeymanpress.com/aoe/scenariopoints.xls) to keep track of buildings built, destroyed, and rebuilt, etc.  This will be used for cumulative points for tiebreaking.  If you have 145 scenario points, a= nd your opponent has 135 scenario points, you would have a +10 for point differential and your opponent would have a -10 for point differential.

= 9)      = If you win a full game before all turns are done, you will receive 3 points for the win and your opponent will receive 0 points for the loss.  You will receive your total scenar= io points for the point differential.  Your opponent will receive a negative point differential equal to yours.  If you do not win befo= re all turns are done, you figure out the total scenario points as in Rule #8.  Whoever has the most will receive 2 points for the timed win and the other will receive 1 point for the timed loss.  You will then get the differential as per Rule #8.  = If both players are tied with scenario points, then each will receive 1.5 poin= ts for the timed draw with a zero point differential.

= 10)    The winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the tournament.  In case of a tie = on points, the differential will be used to break ties.

= 11)    Games are between the two opponents.  No one may interfere.  If you obs= erve something wrong, please notify the tournament director and do not bother the players.  It is up to each individual player to observe and follow the rules, and to make sure that th= eir opponent does to.  Interfering= with another players game is in violation of Rule #6.=