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Harry Potter CCG

Introduction to Harry Potter CCG

This is our favorite CCG game to play!

A Brief History of Harry Potter CCG

This game is rock solid, as it was designed by the research team at Wizards of the Coast. Basically all the research that went into Magic the Gathering went right into this game without all the counterspell and 'in response to' garbage. You only do stuff on your turn, and if you aren't ready for it, too bad! This is a true Wizard's Duel!

It is really too bad that now that the books are done they can't re-license to try and get this game up and running again with new cards. Until then, we will continue to work on our Dream Cards!

We are still looking for 5 promos to complete our set. If you have them and are willing to trade or sell them, please contact us!

    Harry Potter Promos Needed
  1. Through the Trapdoor (Toys R Us HP&SS DVD)
  2. 5 Points From Gryffindor (Goblets of Fire PB)
  3. Devil's Snare
  4. Find the Magic Ad card
  5. Backfire (Japanese)

To contact me, ask questions, or submit Dream Cards, drop me an e-mail.

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