Harry Potter CCG Dream Cards

Harry Potter CCG Dream Card Rules

1) Make it playable!     2) Don't break the 'only play on your turn' rule!

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Set Names - These will be tentatively based on the books.

Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone
Set 1 - Base SetThe actual Wizards of the Coast card sets seem to have used this book up.
Set 2 - Quidditch Cup 
Set 3 - Diagon Alley 
HP & the Chamber of Secrets
Set 4 - Adventures at HogwartsThe last WotC set was rushed, so there is still material to be used from this book, I think.
Set 5 - Chamber of Secrets 
Set 6 - Heir Revealed 
HP & Prisoner of Azkaban
Set 7 - AzkabanGoing forward from here, we could use the name of the books, dividing the set names up by at least 3 sets per book.
Set 8 - Sirius Black 
Set 9 - Patronus 
HP & Goblet of Fire
Set 10 - Death EatersEach Dream Card set will have at least: 2 characters, 5 spells (1 of each lesson type), plus other type cards based on the book.
Set 11 - Tri-Wizard 
Set 12 - Conspiracy 
HP & Order of the Phoenix
Set 13 - Voldemort ReturnsThe idea behind the sets should be a total of 18 cards, thus easily printed on two sheets of paper. Sort of like elaborate double-sized booster packs.
Set 14 - Order of the Phoenix 
Set 15 - NEED NAME 
HP & Half-Blood Prince
Set 16 - NEED NAMESo I encourage everyone to read the books again, refresh your memories, and help start with the planning!!
Set 17 - NEED NAME 
Set 18 - NEED NAME 
HP & the Deathly Hallows
Set 19 - NEED NAMECard layouts will be added as we can get to them.
Set 20 - NEED NAME 
Set 21 - NEED NAME 
Set 22 - NEED NAME - Harry Potter Prequel (coming in August 2008) Plot Synopsis: Policemen PC Anderson and Sergeant Fisher are chasing a motorbike which is breaking the speed limit into a dead-end alley. Confronting the two youths riding the bike, they introduce themselves as Sirius Black and James Potter. As the policemen attempt to arrest them for speeding and riding without helmets, three men (presumably Death Eaters) on broomsticks fly down the alley towards them. James and Sirius use their wands to lift the police car up to form a barrier, and the broomstick riders crash into it. Sirius and James then leave the frightened policemen in the alley.

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