Rifts CCG

Introduction to Rifts CCG

This is probably the second best game I've ever played, and is definitely the one that I love deck-building the most. The quality of the cards is fantastic, and the deck & game design is just phenomenal!

A Brief History of Rifts CCG

This was the third game that Precedence Publishing came out with (after Tomb Raider and Babylon 5). Rifts CCG was based on the Rifts World by Palladium Books and the card game's primary designer was Kevin Tewart (who is now with Upper Deck, perhaps you've heard of Yugioh?). While we were playtesting & designing the second set, Gargoyles, Precedence went out of business. The third set, Conquerors, was never playtested and was to contain Aztecs, Huns, Koreans, Mayans & Spanish (tentatively). The Fourth set, Atlantis, was also never even playtested, but was to have heroes and events from the computer game.

RagTag Army card has been put up. This was never a card, but rather a downloadable picture from Precedence website that you could use for sealed decks & booster drafts.

There were only 2 promo cards ever made: The Diamond Alliance (made exclusively for Diamond Comics and Alliance Games) which was to be given to stores based on orders of the product; and General "Genius" Godfrey, with a picture of one of the other game's designers.

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