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Xena & Hercules CCG

Introduction & History to Xena & Hercules CCG

This game is another rock solid game designed by Wizards of the Coast. Basically it is a simpler game of Magic. It started as the ARC System, designed to go across many different character lines, and actually was introduced with C23 (a comic book by Jim Lee). The system was easy enough to play, but the license (C23) wasn't easily recognizable. When Xena came out it was huge as Xena was still on TV at the time. We saw more gals playing CCG's then ever before! It came out with a second set (Battle Cry) then Hercules was introduced as well, since both shows had so many cross-overs. All of our tournaments during those years were exclusively Xena & Hercules, no C23 allowed, and 60 card decks with 2 out of 3 matches. Still playable and still fun to play!

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