Hercules: The Legendary Journeys CCG Card Checklist

#   Card Name                             Type      Rarity Color
1   Underworld Rescue                     Action    C      Green
2   Aid from Iolaus                       Action    C      Green
3   Send 'Em Flying                       Action    C      Green
4   Spoiled Princess                      Character C      Green
5   Beautiful Princess                    Character C      Green
6   Questing Farmer                       Character C      Green
7   Satyr Wannabes                        Character C      Green
8   Crafty Hunter                         Character C      Green
9   Overworked Mother                     Character C      Green
10  Angry Villager                        Character C      Green
11  Clumsy Giant                          Character C      Green
12  Forest Raider                         Character C      Green
13  Traveling Boxer                       Character C      Green
14  Resourceful Villagers                 Character C      Green
15  Cyclops                               Character C      Green
16  Wandering Tribe                       Character C      Green
17  Argonaut                              Character C      Green
18  Primord                               Character C      Green
19  Herculean Effort                      Combat    C      Green
20  Banding Together                      Combat    C      Green
21  Hercules Trains the Villagers         Combat    C      Green
22  Entangled                             Action    U      Green
23  Festival                              Action    U      Green
24  Vengeful Amazon                       Character U      Green
25  Struggling Farmers                    Character U      Green
26  Dance Instructor                      Character U      Green
27  Wandering Healer                      Character U      Green
28  Exotic Dancer                         Character U      Green
29  Manure Farmers                        Character U      Green
30  Hunting Party                         Character U      Green
31  Unruly Mob                            Character U      Green
32  Warrior Tribe                         Character U      Green
33  Hercules Leads the Way                Combat    U      Green
34  Heroic Sacrifice                      Combat    U      Green
35  Individual Effort                     Combat    U      Green
36  Do The Twanky Twiddle!                Combat    U      Green
37  Destructiveness                       Combat    U      Green
38  Burn the Building                     Combat    U      Green
39  Unexpected Help                       Action    R      Green
40  "Help Us, Hercules!"                  Action    R      Green
41  Pie-Eating Contest                    Action    R      Green
42  Military Leader                       Character R      Green
43  Master Tactician                      Character R      Green
44  Satyr Instructor                      Character R      Green
45  Atalanta                              Character R      Green
46  Guardian Minotaurs                    Character R      Green
47  Eastern Acrobat                       Character R      Green
48  Martial Arts Mistress                 Character R      Green
49  Iolaus                                Character R      Green
50  Hercules                              Character R      Green
51  To the Last Breath                    Combat    R      Green
52  I Hate Hera!                          Combat    R      Green
53  I Hate Warlords!                      Combat    R      Green
54  Herc Helps Out                        Combat    R      Green
55  Hit 'Em While They're Down            Combat    R      Green
56  Wedding Feast                         Resource  F      Green
57  Satyr Hollow                          Resource  F      Green
58  Hidden Clearing                       Resource  F      Green
59  Hall of the Golden Fleece             Resource  F      Green
60  Festival Grounds                      Resource  F      Green
61  Sword of Veracity                     Action    C      Blue
62  Path Not Taken                        Action    C      Blue
63  Answered Prayers                      Action    C      Blue
64  Nemesis Strikes!                      Action    C      Blue
65  Charon's Fare                         Action    C      Blue
66  Aphrodite's Wiles                     Action    C      Blue
67  Divine Healing                        Action    C      Blue
68  Temple Protector                      Character C      Blue
69  Servants of Hera                      Character C      Blue
70  Soldier of Hades                      Character C      Blue
71  Living Dead                           Character C      Blue
72  Possessed Virgins                     Character C      Blue
73  48 Sons of Martinus                   Character C      Blue
74  Giant Eel                             Character C      Blue
75  Ancient Mummy                         Character C      Blue
76  Priest of Dionysus                    Character C      Blue
77  Ares's Mesomorphs                     Character C      Blue
78  Hera's Executioners                   Character C      Blue
79  Adolescent Dragon                     Character C      Blue
80  Captured by Hera                      Combat    C      Blue
81  Antaeus Guards the Way                Combat    C      Blue
82  Difficult Choice                      Action    U      Blue
83  Ghostly Informant                     Action    U      Blue
84  Blind Prophet's Vision                Action    U      Blue
85  Blind Prophet's Curse                 Action    U      Blue
86  Eternal Winter                        Action    U      Blue
87  Trip Across the Styx                  Action    U      Blue
88  She-Demon Strikes!                    Action    U      Blue
89  Mandrake                              Character U      Blue
90  Ares's Wagon                          Character U      Blue
91  Delphian Oracle                       Character U      Blue
92  Servants of the Fates                 Character U      Blue
93  Blind Prophet                         Character U      Blue
94  Ares's Automaton                      Character U      Blue
95  Hera's Enforcer                       Character U      Blue
96  Hera's Hydra                          Character U      Blue
97  Divine Intervention                   Combat    U      Blue
98  Captured by the Gods                  Combat    U      Blue
99  Artemis's Blessing                    Action    R      Blue
100 Demeter's Curse                       Action    R      Blue
101 Athena's Plan                         Action    R      Blue
102 Hera's Transformation                 Action    R      Blue
103 Summoned Aid                          Action    R      Blue
104 Swallowed by a Sea Serpent            Action    R      Blue
105 Cross-Time Adventure                  Action    R      Blue
106 Aphrodite                             Character R      Blue
107 Golden Hind                           Character R      Blue
108 Drunken Satyrs                        Character R      Blue
109 The Blue Priest                       Character R      Blue
110 Hades                                 Character R      Blue
111 Graegus                               Character R      Blue
112 Ares                                  Character R      Blue
113 Zeus                                  Character R      Blue
114 Divine Justice                        Combat    R      Blue
115 "Hey, Boys!"                          Combat    R      Blue
116 Burial Chamber                        Resource  F      Blue
117 Altar to Hera                         Resource  F      Blue
118 Magical Cave                          Resource  F      Blue
119 Wedding Temple                        Resource  F      Blue
120 Gates to the Underworld               Resource  F      Blue
121 Fair Trial                            Action    C      Red
122 Hangman's Justice                     Action    C      Red
123 Salmoneus's Self-Actualization SeminarAction    C      Red
124 Hercules Bowls 'Em Over               Action    C      Red
125 Salmoneus Sells Your House            Action    C      Red
126 Centaur Attack                        Action    C      Red
127 Archery Contest                       Action    C      Red
128 Royal Guards                          Character C      Red
129 Ironhead Warrior                      Character C      Red
130 Hired Warrior                         Character C      Red
131 Dangerous Warrior                     Character C      Red
132 Gladiator Slave                       Character C      Red
133 Trapped Entryways                     Character C      Red
134 Archer Squad                          Character C      Red
135 Minor Warlord                         Character C      Red
136 Hired Centaur Archers                 Character C      Red
137 Treacherous Warrior                   Character C      Red
138 Pretender to the Throne               Character C      Red
139 Greedy Warlord                        Character C      Red
140 Vengeful Warlord                      Character C      Red
141 Insight                               Combat    C      Red
142 Good Lawyer                           Action    U      Red
143 Broken Truce                          Action    U      Red
144 Pyro's Flame                          Action    U      Red
145 Whim of the Queen                     Action    U      Red
146 Massage Break                         Action    U      Red
147 Tides of Battle                       Action    U      Red
148 Fortunes of War                       Action    U      Red
149 Pillage the Village                   Action    U      Red
150 Daughters of Thespius                 Character U      Red
151 Devious Schemers                      Character U      Red
152 Elite Archers                         Character U      Red
153 Hired Centaur Crosbow Archers         Character U      Red
154 War Machine                           Character U      Red
155 Ambitious Warlord                     Character U      Red
156 Sound the Charge                      Combat    U      Red
157 Caught by Iolaus                      Combat    U      Red
158 Tricked by Autolycus                  Combat    U      Red
159 Celebration                           Action    R      Red
160 The Daughters of Thespius Are Coming! Action    R      Red
161 Hercules Cracks Some Heads            Action    R      Red
162 Hercules Strikes                      Action    R      Red
163 Reckless Warlords                     Action    R      Red
164 Royal Decree                          Action    R      Red
165 Catapult Attack                       Action    R      Red
166 Militant King                         Character R      Red
167 Inspirational Leader                  Character R      Red
168 Salmoneus                             Character R      Red
169 Falafel                               Character R      Red
170 Elite Forces                          Character R      Red
171 Eastern Trainer                       Character R      Red
172 Walking War Machine                   Character R      Red
173 Centaur Mentor                        Character R      Red
174 "Autolycus, King of Thieves"          Character R      Red
175 Hercules's Backhand                   Combat    R      Red
176 Warlord Camp                          Resource  F      Red
177 Bath House                            Resource  F      Red
178 Treasure Trove                        Resource  F      Red
179 Dance Studio                          Resource  F      Red
180 Town Square                           Resource  F      Red