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   We supply companies and groups crossword puzzles, find-a-words, cryptics, Sudokus and more! Some are used for inter-departmental group functions, special meetings, family picnics and reunions, monthly or quarterly newsletters and more! Whatever the function or special occasion, we can provide the fun and entertainment!

Custom Shapes Available
3 Leaf Clover25x25 Diamond (sm)15x15 Italy23x27
Aeroplane30x28 Diamond (med)17x17 Loudspeaker (sm)15x23
Africa20x22 Diamond (lg)21x21 Loudspeaker (lg)23x22
Apple15x15 Dog27x18 Microphone19x19
Australia28x22 Duck25x18 Mixing Flask19x23
Boat21x17 Europe30x25 New Zealand21x32
Camera25x17 Film18x24 North America29x33
Camera (Old Style)20x30 Fish21x17 Person15x25
Car30x16 Guitar17x31 Question Mark15x20
Christmas Tree15x21 Heart (lg)23x18 South America17x25
Church20x30 Heart (sm)15x15 Star37x34
Circle19x19 Horn19x23 Train30x17
Computer24x22 Hourglass17x25 Tree (sm)15x17
Crescent34x42 House17x17 Tree (lg)19x23
Cross19x19 India26x26 United Kingdom17x31
   Ireland19x20 Wine Bottle16x29

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