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Introduction to Age of Empires CCG

This game was beautiful in that you could play with it using four different Age decks, each in different colored sleeves (believe me, when you go to sort your deck back, the different colors came in *really* handy!), several different Civilizations and you could start at Age 1 (long game) or from a Scenario (see tournament rules).

A Brief History of the card game

The first year this game came out, I was able to win the National Sealed Deck Championship (Mongols rule!), and my buddy Josh Brekke beat me in the constructed deck finals.

We assisted Journeyman Press in demoing the game at Wizard World, Origins & GenCon, coming up with revised Tournament Rules, playtesting and new card ideas. Unfortunately, that left the following never printed:
  1) Smoke and Saints - the second expansion. This was to have the Byzantines, Chinese, Teutons and Turks. New ideas for the set were Gunpowder units, Universities and Monk technologies. Was to have been released late September, 2001 just after GenCon.
  2) Regicide pack. This was going to introduce the King card along with other new cards for a Kill the King (or Regicide) scenario play. Was to have been released prior to Origins for use in that year's National events in July, 2001.
  3) Conquerors - the third expansion. This was to have the Aztecs, Huns, Koreans, Mayans and Spanish. Was to have been scheduled for early 2002.
  4) Atlantis - the fourth expansion. (Our code name for this was "Heroes and Events".) This would have been non-civilization specific and was a booster pack only expansion. To again tie into the Microsoft pc game it was to feature the heroes from the computer game, as well as new event types and abilities. This was scheduled for Origins/GenCon 2002.
Smoke and Saints and the Civ Cards are in the lists on the left.

If any of you want to continue to add to the Smoke & Saints card ideas, or have a question, send me your ideas and I will add them here as a dream card archive.

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